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Baroness Verma on Cumbria Trust & Responses


Videos of Keswick Public Meeting 11-1-13
Ecology & The Park pt 1 http://youtu.be/-WEyMg3Rg54
Ecology & The Park pt 2 http://youtu.be/a22aNwoystU
Dr Dearlove (doubtful geology) vidbite. http://youtu.be/JwrG0xlnedY
Allun Ellis (MRWS did'nt engage) vidbite http://youtu.be/1xQSsAej390
Allun Ellis Full Version http://youtu.be/XRiMxvSC1L0
Dr Dearlove Full Version http://youtu.be/ECgo0Z9q_2k
Shoreline Beacon- German DGR experience - an unmitigated disaster 7- 8 - 12
The Guardian - Protests spread on Cumbria nuclear waste dump plan - Martin Wainwright 17-1-13
The Guardian - 'Nuclear waste? No thanks,' say Lake District national park tourism chiefs - Martin Wainwright 16-1-13
BBC Coverage of Openday - Border News - Samantha Parker 5-1-13
Big Guns join the debate (to add their threats?)
Why Is Cumbria Tourism Silent?
Stirling Adventures
The BMC - Working for climbers, hill walkers & mountaineers
17-12-12 "Plan B" Read about the alternatives
    Press Releases Following Ennerdale Meeting  
    Ennerdale Says No! Lake District National Farce  
Whitehaven News
* * * See Whitehaven News this week 13/12/12 - Hard Copy Only * * *
Cumbria 24 - 12/12/12
Westmorland Gazette - 30/11/12
Cumbrian Crack - 29/11/12
The Gardian - 28/11/12
Channel 4 News - May 2012
Radio Cumbria News - 28/11/12 - Worth a listen (even if you think your going to sell up and move out)
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